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Information Theory and Intelligent Information Systems
- Technical Innovation and In Search of Excellence
- Oriented by Technology Research and Focused on Cultivating Talents
  Sale System on FlyAsh of Power Plant
  Logistics Management System
  Road Traffic Monitoring and Analysis System based on Internet of Things
  Condition Monitoring and Decision Making Systems of High Voltage Transmission Line
  Comprehensive Online Monitoring and Decision Making System of Ship Navigation Safety
  Distance Training System for Enterprises
  Integrated Management System on Quality and Environmental and Security
  Virtual Cooperation Management Platform
  Personalized Shopping Guide System on Scientific Resources Sharing
  Management System of Publication and Sale based on Internet
  Network Management Platform on Practical Teaching in Colleges
  Cloud Platform for Education
  VTS Comprehensive Evaluation System
  Collaborative R&D Center
  Network Operation and Management Platform of Academic Conference
  Cloud Platform of Academic Cenference
  Network Operation and Management Platform of Academic Journals
  Cloud Platform for Academic Journal