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Information Theory and Intelligent Information Systems
- Technical Innovation and In Search of Excellence
- Oriented by Technology Research and Focused on Cultivating Talents

    ITIIS-Information Theory and Intelligent Information Systems research center belongs to the Information Engineering School of Wuhan University of Technology, Which features on Information Theory and Research on the intelligent information systems, and Focus on network control and management, control and management of intelligent information systems, embedded systems, Research on modeling of complex systems and other fields. Commited to research on intelligent monitoring system, enterprise digital systems, workflow management systems, distributed control systems and decision support system of large subjects and so on. And now it have developed Integrated monitoring system of transmission line Based on wireless sensor networks and embedded technology, Online monitoring and decision support system for transmission line, Road monitoring and management system based on Internet of things, Science and Technology Resource Sharing management platform, Network operation and management platform of academic journals, Network operation and management platform of conference, Virtual enterprise operation and management platform, e-Commerce Systems and other many products, For many years, it has cultivated a number of outstanding graduate students, who have the ability of undertaking large research and engineering project.

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